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We are Dara, Sicilian, and Max, Lombard, and left Milan in 2006 to move to Patti in order to reach a more harmonious way of living, we have found it in :
" a town that has been rooted into its town walls for centuries, built around the emersion of two hills, with its Norman castle, the "Matrice" and the "Capitania", until it has not begun to expand down for the low land, at first timidly and then with greater and greater baldness, as far as the beach with its calm breath of sea.." (M. Mancuso).

How to reach us

You can reach Patti easily both by the highway and by the railroad in fact it is located along the line connecting Messina to Palermo.
To arrive at Casa Rubes from the tollgate of Patti you have to drive for about 1 km without taking deviations, then you take the first turning on the right and, keeping the main road, you go over the Provvidenza bridge; at this point you will arrive in Marconi square, at the centre of the town.
From there, following the indications for the Basilica/Cattedrale and overcome a nice garden ("Villa Comunale"), you take on the right via Magretti;
Casa Rubes is found to the angle with the stairway Arimondi, just before the Episcopalian Seminar.


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